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Aleks Yatskevich
Thank you for taking the time to read this email. KC Hood Masters is a small local family run business that has years of experience in kitchen exhaust cleaning, maintenance, and small repairs. We also offer other commercial and residential power washing as well. KC Hood Masters Inc. uses some of the best available technology in the industry to get the job done right. We always pay attention to details, unlike other big companies who neglect certain aspects, and vary on quality from each cleaning. We take our time to make sure you system looks the way you want it to, and the way it should be according to all local fire codes. We always clean from top to bottom (Fans/blades, duct, access panels, hoods and filters). We take pride in doing our very best every time, and we take photos of our work for our quality clean guarantee. Most importantly, we always clean up our mess, and leave your kitchen looking like it was never touched...besides the exhaust system of course! So please do not hes
You deliver in town?
Jessica Wyatt
Do you use anything with peanuts? Or peanut oil?